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 Vortice Electrical: Ventilation

 C Range Centrifugal Extract Fan



Technical Data



Frequency (Hz)  




Insulation Class  


Number of Poles  


Weight (Kg)  


Absorbed Power (W)  


Ambient temperature (°C)  


Max Temperature of Exhaust Air (Continuous Operation)  


Absorbed Current (A)  

1,08 - 1,21

Absorbed power 1st speed (W)  


Absorbed power 2nd speed (W)  


Voltage (V)  











Industrial centrifugal extractor fan for ducted or oem installation.


Single phase and three phase models available.


Speed regulated by optional speed controller.


All units have IP55 protection.


Fan is easily removed for cleaning and maintenance, even when the unit is installed.


Units are suitable for extracting dust free, acid free and non - corrosive air.

Asynchronous, self-ventilating, ball-bearing-mounted induction motor.

Protected by black epoxy-polyester paint, the frame is easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. Specially designed for silent operation.


Not suitable for speed control.


Galvanized steel fan with forward-curved blades for high performance.


Epoxy-resin painted steel sheet-metal frame with spiral housing, provided with holes to allow the motor to be fitted in any one of eight different positions in respect to the outlet port .





Sound Pressure level Lp [dB (A)] 3m




Delivery (m³/h)


Airflow (l/s)


Pressure (mmH2O)


Pressure (Pa)







Dimension in (mm)


 Punto Filo Slimline Axial Fans


Technical Data


The front grille of just 17 mm and the roundness of the four sides make the appliance “virtually” invisible. The design of a special miniaturized Timer has made it possible to keep the grille ultra-slim for these versions too.

4 diameters 90-100-120-150, standard, timer, long life versions     

Data and performances IMQ Performance certified.

Extremely easy: installation and maintenance greatly facilitated. Fitted with just 1 screw, supplied.

Virtually silent: The styling was performed in parallel with a highly advanced hydraulic design that was accomplished by making a new impeller that permits very limited noise levels with high performance.


 HCS models. The unit turns on when relative humidity exceeds 65% and it turns off when the relative humidity drops below 65%. When the light is switched off, the unit will continue to run from 3 to 20 minutes depending on the timer setting.


Integral backdraught shutter: already installed on the appliance, it prevents unwanted air from getting back in when the appliance is switched off.

IPX4 splashproof protection on all models.

Conforms to the following standards: CEI EN 60335-2-80 (part 2: Particular requirements for fan), CEI EN 60529 (code IP) and CEI107-53/1986.

    Eco-Friendly: It guarantees a low  environmental impact. Recyclable materials have been used and the “Design for Disassembly” technique has been followed (2002/96/EC-WEE





Product Description


§Ultra Slim Grille of 17mm

§Attractive Design

§Suitable for wall and ceiling installation

§Not suitable for ducting up to roof tile vents.

§Not suitable for flat ducting.

§IPX4 splash proof protection on all models. If installing in ceiling need additional gasket to maintain IPX4 protection.

§The standard models can be speed regulated.

§Timer models are adjustable from 3 to 20 minutes.

§HCS Models turn the fan on when relative humidity exceeds 65%. This is factory set and cannot be adjusted.

§High airflow rate, low operating noise level and low power consumption due to the wing profile blade and motor support.

§Available option of automatic shutters, timer, pull cord, humidistat and PIR.



Suitable for use with 150mm diameter ducting - up to 4 metres (no more than two 90 degree bends).  Flexible aluminium and flexible insulated aluminium ducting available – see

§Accessories section

§   GRILLES: Several colours of grille available, see below and Accessories section.



Ariett Habitat



Technical Data

■ For continuous ventilation, with boost facility. Ideal for use in public sector housing in bathrooms, showers, utilities and toilets.

■ Two models. Habitat 15/30 can be used to provide trickle ventilation for rooms housing open-fluid combustion appliances.

■ Motor with shielded poles and ball bearings (30,000 h guaranteed continuous operation) with thermal protection.

■ Two speed motor.

■ Data and performaNces IMQ Performance certified.

■ Complies with the CEI EN 60335-2- 80 standards and IPX4 splashproof protection, CEI EN 60529 (Code IP



Product Description

§Continuous running in accordance with ADF System 3.

§Trickle and Boost speeds.

§Two speeds.

§Contains integral backdraught shutter.

§Long Life ball bearing motors which are guaranteed for 30,000 hours continuous, trouble free operation.

§Complete with fixings and anti-vibration support gasket.

§Wall or ceiling mounted installation.

IPX4 splash proof protection




■ Low power consumption.

■ Fully comply with F1 Building Regulations, plus 1.9D alternative approaches.

■ Anti-vibration support gasket,

used for mounting on tiled or uneven walls.

■ Backdraught-shutter to avoid back flow when unit is turned off. Available only for model 15/30.

■ 100 mm dia. outlet spigot.

■ Complete with fixings. Design: F. Trabucco - M. Vecchi


(description and data on page 99) Wiring diagrams shown

on page XXVII.



Dimension in (mm)


CA VO Centrifugal Inline Fans



Technical Data

For ventilation of pubs, restaurants, shops, workshops, offices, sports halls and canteens.

 Seven models.

 2 speed motors (100/125/150).

 Data and performances IMQ performance certified.

 Complies with the CEI EN 60335-

2-80 standard.

 Splash proof protection.

 Complete with fixing bracket.

Design: F. Trabucco and M. VecchiIP).




 Honourable mention,

1994 Golden Compass, Italy

Wiring diagrams shown on page XXVII


Product Description

In Line centrifugal extractor fans.

Two speeds on 100, 125 & 150 models only.

Self extinguishing VO plastic.

Complete with fixing brackets.

IPX4 splash proof protection on all models.

Long Life ball bearing motors which are guaranteed for 30,000 hours continuous, trouble free operation.

Cannot be used with flat ducting.

All models can be speed controlled.

Various colours and sizes of grilles available - see accessories section.

IPX4 splash proof protection.






Dimension in (mm)


Vario Extract Fans


Technical Data

 The new line of Vortice Vario exhaust/supply fans provide a modern and flexible solution to improve the quality of air we breathe daily in any domestic or commercial environment: dwellings, shops & cafes, sports centers/gyms, restaurants, public houses, offices, schools, community halls and many more…

 The new Vortice Vario models are among the best of their category in terms of performance and low energy consumption thanks to highly efficient impellers.

 Data and performances IMQ Performance certified.

 Great care has been taken to ensure extremely low noise levels.

All technical data has been certified by TUV.

 The outer casing is made from shock-resistant UV stabilised ABS. Structural components in UV resistant ABS, internal components from shock resistant PS.

 Vortice Vario fans are carefully designed to provide a low environmental impact, using recyclable materials and following the new “Design for Disassembly” technique to provide




Honourable mention, 1994 Golden Compass, Italy Wiring diagrams shown on page XXVII


Product Description

 Supply and Extract Axial Fans

Can be used for many commercial applications i.e.: pubs, sport centres, community halls and restaurants

Can be used with a variety of sensors

IPX4 splash proof protection on all models.

Variety of installation kits for roof mounting, through window, wall and panel mounting

Inbuilt and surface mounted versions

Surface Mounted Versions: Come ready to mount in panel or window of up to 38mm

Inbuilt versions: A telescopic frame is supplied with the product for wall mounting of up to 330mm


Special sized ducting made specifically for the Vario range - see accessories


Environmentally friendly disposal of components. Vortice avoided polluting technologies in the production cycle, and even the packaging of the products adopts recycled paper and safe non-polluting inks. Energy consumption is optimised both during production and operation. Noise pollution has also been minimised.

 All fans are IPX4 rated in compliance to IEC EN 60529 standards both inside and outside.

 Vortice Vario fans are EC marked in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive EEC 73/23 and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336. All fans are also IMQ (Italian Safety Institute) certified in compliance with CEI EN 60335-2-80 and CEI EN 60529 standards



Dimension in (mm)


 Polar M10 EA Air Conditioner

Technical Data

New generation all in one

air conditioner with all the

advantages of the

electronic Polar range.

High quality of construction,

easy to use and to install.

■ The new design together with the    use of R410A cooling gas makes  this new product one of the leaders in its category for   performance and efficient use of energy and environmental respect.

■ Performance EER and yearly

    consumption (according to EN

    14511) are TÜV certified.

■ Safety is certified by TÜV GS.

■ The automatic water drainage

    system collects the dampness

    from the environment, evaporates

    it and finally expells the vapour

    through the hot air extraction duct.

■ The infrared remote control is

    designed ergonomically and can

    be used up to a maximum distance of 10 metres from the    unit.


Standard Accessories

Washable anti-dust filter which traps the impurities present in the air drawn through the unit, preventing their circulation in the air-conditioned room.

■ Activated carbon filter.

■ Three washable anti-dust filters to protect the heat exchanger of the condensing unit.

■ All anti-dust filters are made of ABS thermoplastic resin.




Product Description


§All in one air conditioner for a recommended room size of up to 60m3

§Comes with infra red remote control unit

§The infrared remote control is designed ergonomically and can be used up to a maximum distance of 10 metres from the unit.

§High quality of construction, easy to use and to install.

§Three washable anti-dust filters to protect the heat exchanger of the condensing unit

§Washable anti dust filter which traps the impurities present in the air drawn through the unit, preventing the circulation in the air conditioned room.

§The automatic water drainage system collects the dampness from the environment, evaporates it and finally expels the vapour through the hot air extraction duct.

§The new design together with the use of R410A cooling gas makes this new product one of the leaders in its category for performance and efficient use of energy and environmental respect.

An exhaust vent for expelling warm air through partly open doors and windows in included in the supply

Other models of Polar

Dimension in (mm)



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